An emphasis on exploratory numerical computation is one of the foundational elements of our BioCalculus curriculum, employing computation hand-in-hand with our examination of analytical techniques and modeling. While most of the numerical elements could be approached from varied environments, we choose to rely heavily on MATLAB throughout, so be sure to look at the Introduction to MATLAB page, get it installed on your computer, and look at some of the other tips and links presented there.

BioCalculus I

For our purposes in BioCalclus I, the primary use of MATLAB is for simple plotting, generate numbers from discrete-time dynamical systems ("DTDS," "maps," or 1-step recursion relations). We combine these elements together to generate cobwebs to represent such trajectories.

  • ezplot for quickly generating simple graphs of functions
  • For loops to generate numerical solutions to discrete-time dynamical systems
  • Cobwebs
  • Examples from lecture are made available on the Diaries08 page.

BioCalculus II

more information to be posted here later...