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Welcome to the wiki of the Biocalculus @ UNC initiative. This is the home of the special sections of Calculus offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, aimed at students from the biological and health sciences. These courses have been offered in the past as special sections of Math 231 and 232. They also appear in the Undergraduate Bulletin as Math 241 "Biocalculus I" and 283 "Biocalculus II", respectively, but there is currently no plan to offer them in the upcoming academic year.

Math 231/241 Biocalculus I: Limits, derivatives, and integrals of functions of one variable, motivated by and applied to discrete-time dynamical systems used to model various biological processes.

Math 232/283 Biocalculus II: Techniques of integration, indeterminate forms, Taylorís series; introduction to linear algebra, motivated by and applied to ordinary differential equations; systems of ordinary differential equations used to model various biological processes.

Biocalculus I was most recently taught as Sections 12 and 13 of Math 231 in Fall 2009.

Biocalculus II was most recently taught in Spring 2010.

For more general information, please see our advertising flyers from previous years for Biocalculus 231 Δ (missing: we will find it) and Biocalculus 232, and feel free to investigate the other pages on this wiki.

Materials from some previous Biocalculus courses remain available in our Archive.

The Biocalculus @ UNC wiki and the project as a whole have benefited greatly from contributions made by Eric Choate, Greg Forest, Christy Hamlet, Greg Herschlag, Laura Miller, Arvind Santhanakrishnan and Wanda Strychalski (including surely many places where those people authored material without proper attribution made here).

Biocalculus @ UNC was supported in part by the National Science Foundation through award DMS-0645369, "CAREER: Model Fluid-Solid Interactions, Networks REUs, and BioCalculus."


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